1700 Harvard Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
phone: (412) 243-7214
fax: (412) 242-5232



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Whether simply offering expert guidance to a DIY homeowner or designing and managing a large-scale residential, commercial, or public landscaping project, Mark McKenzie Landscaping seeks to not only transform spaces, but create spaces that are transforming.



Of course, what transforms — and how one wants to be transformed — are very personal matters. So, while we bring a range of aesthetic influences and ideas to any project, what we bring first are open minds and open ears. We work hard to understand each client’s goals and tastes before a project begins, and we invite clients to remain deeply involved throughout our distinctly collaborative process.



Over the years, this personalized approach has created landscapes as diverse as our clients. Click on the photos to see and read about a few of our favorites — or contact us and we’ll present our portfolio to you in person. We’re proud of what we’ve done for others in the past — but our real passion is what we can do for you in the present.