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  My master’s degree comes from the Utah State University. My experience, technical skills and practical knowledge come from hundreds of projects and over twenty years in the field. My influences come from everywhere — from the canyons and rock formations of Utah, the stonework and gardens of Old Europe, the sculpture of Pomodora, Botero and Picasso, the philosophy of Lao-Tze, the inherent beauty of Nature’s own designs….

      Picasso Sculpture -
      Gould Center, Chicago, Illinois

My life has been blessed with too many wonderful influences to list them all. As a landscape designer, the broad range of these influences has both enriched my aesthetic sensibility and given me the creative flexibility to satisfy clients with diverse tastes.

A designer’s influences can give you an idea of their aesthetic values, but philosophical and personal values are just as critical to the success of creative relationships. So this section of the LAS Web site highlights values that are especially important to me and to my firm; like process and collaboration.