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Good landscape designers combine art and science — and often philosophy or spirituality as well. Technical expertise is crucial — we know which plants will thrive where, when to grade or terrace, what to do to avert drainage problems, how to safely construct a stone wall or a pond. Aesthetic sensibility is equally important — we need to see, or help create, a client’s vision, then employ an artist’s command of color, texture, shape, and composition to realize that vision.

For me, landscape design also implies a creative purpose — we must understand how a landscape affects people, the moods it evokes, the needs it fulfills, the ways it can connect us with our environment, our values, our loved ones, our selves. As a landscape designer for over 25 years and owner of LAS since 1991, I have found that one other element is absolutely vital to creating a successful landscape: you. Whether you’re an individual, a business or organization, or a public entity, a landscape should be an expression of your identity and provide a space for renewal, inspiration, and transformation.

With that in mind, I listen to clients attentively and encourage a deeply collaborative process from start to finish. By getting to know you personally, I can tailor my firm’s wide range of aesthetic influences and capabilities to best meet your specific needs.

This website addresses the other end of that process — helping you get to know Mark McKenzie Landscaping and me. So welcome — and enjoy browsing. If you think we may be a good fit, please contact us — I’ll be glad to speak with you and arrange a personal consultation and portfolio review.


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